Homecooking brings people together

Nothing brings people together like food and that a lot of you there like to cook for your family and the people around you.

The Origin of FoodRing

An Innovative Response to a Growing Need

At the heart of FoodRing is a story of passion, innovation, and community. Born in the picturesque Laurentians region, our adventure began with an eye-opening personal experience. During the pandemic, the wife of Jonathan, our co-founder, launched her micro-business, dedicated to preparing and selling authentic Indian dishes. The community's warm reception of this initiative highlighted a crucial need: a platform that simplifies the management of small culinary businesses.

The Origin of FoodRing

The Challenge

Bridging the Technology Gap in Home Catering

Culinary entrepreneurs, often limited by the absence of suitable technological tools, found themselves faced with major challenges. From manual order taking to complex delivery management, the need for an integrated solution was clear. This is where FoodRing came into the picture, with the ambition to offer efficient and accessible management to these cooking enthusiasts.

Our Solution

An Intuitive and Complete Online Food Marketplace

By combining our expertise in technology and our passion for local cuisine, we created FoodRing: a revolutionary platform for home cooks. Our online food marketplace offers simplified order management, optimal production organization, and a variety of delivery options. More than just a platform, FoodRing is a window open to a world of local flavors, allowing customers to discover the culinary treasures of their region.

Our Mission

Beyond the Kitchen, A Community Vision

FoodRing is not just about technology; our mission is to align culinary efforts with community needs. We are committed to simplifying the daily lives of cooks, allowing them to focus on their passion: cooking. At the same time, we are strengthening the link between citizens and local businesses, thus promoting a circular and sustainable economy.

Our Mission

Our Vision

A Global Future for Home Cooking Micro-Business

At FoodRing, we envision a future where home cooking micro-businesses thrive across the world. Our vision is to become the benchmark marketplace for the sale of home-cooked meals and products, supporting the growth of thousands of local businesses. Together, we are working for a future where quality, proximity and sustainability are at the heart of our food choices.

Want to be part of the movement?

Join us on this culinary adventure and discover a world where every dish tells a story, that of your community.